On-site Heating System Water Quality Analysis

in under 5 minutes

On-site Heating System Water Quality Analysis

in under 5 minutes

i-TEST® in Use

The easiest way to tell you how it’s done is to show you…

app available on Google Play


The i-TEST® unit has a companion app
available for both Android and iOS phones and tablets.

app available on Apple App Store

The app communicates with the i-TEST® unit using Bluetooth Low Energy technology.  The unit does the work and the app displays the results in a user-friendly, easy-to-read format.

When the test has completed, the results are saved in the cloud and can be referred to whenever needed.  A report can be generated via the app which is available to print or to share with the client.


Things people are saying about us..

Quickest test on the market

So quick – no delay, no waiting around, just immediate results.

Sally Jay

Proven accuracy

Hundreds of tests have been carried out and the results checked.Very happy.

Stephen Cox

Portable & reliable

Always with my tools ready to use wherever I go.

Bertie Woos

Other Products


Scalemaster® also supplies a range of conventional water quality test strips for measurement of rudimentary physical parameters and offers a postal water quality testing service for the accurate analysis of mains and central heating system waters.